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Hacking issues arise due to several factors. First of all, please note that our system is not vulnerable to security breach attempts by small hacker groups because Double Luck Casino is equipped with high-level security measures. To prevent hacking or account abuse, we recommend you to be aware of ways to avoid such incidents that could lead to hacking issues as listed below:

1. Phishing attempts
Some of Facebook users try to phish your account information by using fake message, e-mail, post, app link, etc. If somebody requires your Facebook account or password, it is strongly recommended that you do not respond to these phishing attempts.

2. Using auto-login option on public PC
It is strongly recommended that you deselect "keep me logged in" option when you log in on Facebook using public PCs. Please note your account may possibly be abused by another person using the PC after you.

3. Account shares
Security issues can sometimes occur due to account shares. Please note that purchase or any changes in your account(including coins, level, status) can be made by the people you share your account with. In this case, please ask them first whether he or she logged in with your account while you're logged out. Connection lost issue is closely related to account shares too. You are immediately logged out of the game(session) when another login attempt in your account happen from other devices.

4. Confusions
In Double Luck Casino app, only one login is allowed per user account at a time.
Therefore, you will be immediately logged out if someone else logs in with your account from another browser ro PC.

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