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There are many ways to earn free coins on Double Luck Casino Slots. Please see below for details on how to earn free coins.

Welcome Bonus
When you sign in for the first time on Double Luck Casino, you will receive 500,000 FREE COINS as a welcome bonus.

Daily Wheel
You will receive daily wheel bonuses once a day when you access our game page. Coins given vary by how many consecutive days you visit the game page; from 50,000/Day1 to 450,000/Day7

Welcome Back Bonus
If you haven't logged in for more than two weeks and just came back to play again, we give you a 2,000,000 free coins as a welcome back bonus. You will be given 2,000,000 free coins as a Welcome Back Bonus upon your first login after an absence of 2 weeks or longer.

Facebook Promotions
Please visit our official Double Luck Casino Fan Page on Facebook to earn free coins from various events offered throughout the day.
Click the link below to "Like" our Fan Page on Facebook, and never miss a chance to earn free coins and other gifts!

You can receive free coins from each of your friends once a day. If you want to receive more free coins, simply invite your friends on Facebook to play Double Luck Casino with you!

Level Up
We will also give you free coins when you reach the next level in games. To level up faster, be sure to visit our game page and make enough spins throughout the day! To level up faster, simply spin more throughout the day!

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