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  • How do Tournaments work?
  • Are Tournaments Free?
  • Do the coins I earned from tournaments automatically get added in my account after the tournament ends?
  • Are the slot machines in Tournaments same as other slot machine games offered by Double Luck Casino?
  • How many coins do I have to spend for the Tournament entrace fee?

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  • where can I buy coins?
  • How can I change or remove my credit card information on Facebook?
  • How do I find my Transaction IDs on Facebook?
  • I just purchased items, but they are not added to my account. Where are they?

  • GAME FEATURES     more

  • How do I earn free coins?
  • What is Wild Wild Bonus?
  • What is Wild Spin Bonus?
  • How do I level up?
  • How many gifts can I send to my friends each day?


  • I accidentally selected "hide all" option to all posts from Double Luck Casino fan page. How do I unhide it?
  • where can I find my User ID?

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  • what kind of information do you collect from your users?
  • Privacy of children under 13
  • opt out plan
  • What are the community guidelines of Double Luck Casino?
  • It looks like my account has been hacked, can I get a help?